Maximum Wolf

Maximum Wolf

Velkommen til Høyden
Scenen i andre etasje på stavangeren

I løpet av høsten vil vi kjøre late-night stand-up og humoreksperimentering en gang i måneden

Lørdag 21 oktober kl 22.15 kan du oppleve Magnus Wolf på scenen.


Beware! The Wolf is on the loose!

This is a comedy performance like it’s never been seen before. Expect the unexpected…

MI6 Brief of The Most Wanted man ‘Maximum’ Magnus Wolf:

-Height: 183 cm, Weight: 108kg
*Limited intel on ‘MW’ that we’ve shared with MI5 on this joint operation. We can confirm the following:*

-(Alleged) Head of The influential worldwide underground Consortium known as ‘Trickera’

-Known Aliases (Numerous):
The Governor of London, Baron Wolf, Magnus Opus, The Crime Minister, Grande Lupo, The All Seeing London Eye & more…

-Known Skills/Abilities:
Comedian, musician, (dangerously) sexy, magus, enchanting, cool, the chosen one, enigmatic, great ass, predictably unpredictable.

-(Alleged) associates in Norway:
The Zinger, Rude Boy (Both have rumored ties to the syndicated known as Stavangeren

-Last seen:
‘Somewhere’ in London, searching for ‘The Maximum High in Norway’ uttering the words «Norge and Hoyden» before vanishing in mist, revealing the numbers 211023 (confirmed).

-Mission Directives:
Buy tickets as soon as possible to catch this enigma whilst he’s here. this is our best chance
Maximum Wolf is loose, lethal and incredibly magnetic.

Be careful 009 and Godspeed.


Oktober 2023
21Lør Maximum Wolf
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