Samuel Nimoson Jr.

Samuel Nimoson Jr.

Vivere // Amissio

Vivere: To live.

Amissio: Defined by loss.

Join Samuel Nimoson Jr. in Stavanger for an evening that goes deeper than just a playlist. Vivere // Amissio is 90 minutes where life’s raw edges meet personal stories, not just through song, but through shared human experience.

This isn’t your typical night out.Expect a blend of high energy and quiet moments, mirroring life itself—its ups, its downs. Samuel lets us into his world, marked by both celebration and struggle, showing us how even the hardest times can shape beautiful moments.

Vivere // Amissio is a collective reflection on the tough, often unspoken parts of our journeys.Here, each pause and play is a nod to the art of pushing through, of turning challenges into something that resonates.

It’s a space to feel together, to understand a bit more about ourselves and each other.Through this night, Samuel invites us to look beyond the surface, to the depth of what it means to keep going, even when the odds seem stacked against us.

Samuel will take the stage with his full band and the complete range of his creative collaborations.Expect a show that brings together every element — from the visuals and sound to the outfits and onstage energy.
This is a performance designed to reveal the depths of what needs to be shown, presenting an immersive experience that encompasses all aspects of his artistry.

Varighet: 90 min

NB: Rad 7 på galleri har ekstra forhøyede stoler og egner seg ikke for publikum med skrøplige ben da disse stolene er høye!

Billettkontoret/dørene åpner 1 time før forestilling.

Ring 51843850

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Juni 2024
1Lør Samuel Nimoson Jr.
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